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Policies of Privacy

General aspects

The Web site (the Web site) is operated by COGNITIA LIMITED (in future CognitiaJobs) according to is described next.

CognitiaJobs is committed to protect the privacy of the users of the Web site. It is tried to offer to the users a safe experience online and with guarantees. The objective of the present Commitment is to inform to the usuary ones how we will use the personal data that to us facilitates through this Web site, without he is applicable to information which we obtain from any other way. This Commitment goes to plaintiffs of use and companies.

CognitiaJobs fulfills the legislation on protection of data. That legislation it regulates the treatment of information regarding you and you grant diverse rights to him with respect to its personal data.

The Web site contains connections to other Web sites on which CognitiaJobs does not have any control. CognitiaJobs is not responsible for the policies or practices on privacy of other Web sites with which you choose to connect from the Web site. We recommended to him that it reviews the policies of privacy of those other Web sites so that can be put to the current of how they gather, uses and shares its data. This Commitment of Privacy is applied to the information exclusively that CognitiaJobs obtains in this Web site, without he is applicable to information that CognitiaJobs obtains from any other way.

Obtaining and retention of information

You do not have to give any personal information us in order to realize use searches.

In some areas of the Web site, CognitiaJobs requires that you facilitate personal data, including its name, direction, direction of electronic mail, telephone number, information of contact, information for invoicing and other data of which its identity can be deduced. In other areas of the Web site, CognitiaJobs gathers or can collect demographic that she is not exclusive of you, like its age, sort and the types of use in which it is interested. Sometimes CognitiaJobs gathers or can pick up a combination of the both types of information.  

In addition, CognitiaJobs will be able to collect exceeds you when indirectly you use certain services of third parties in the Web site.

Also, CognitiaJobs obtains or can obtain certain personal data on the use that makes of the Web site, as for example to what pages accede and what services use. In addition, there is information on hardware and software of his computer that is or can be gathered by CognitiaJobs. This information can include its direction IP, type of navigator, names of dominion, hours of access and references to directions of Web sites, although this information is not tie to its personal data.

Sometimes CognitiaJobs can offer to the user the opportunity to give on itself descriptive, cultural information or of its conduct, preferences and/or style of life, but it depends exclusively on you that contribute that information. If it gives that information, it in this way allows to the use of the same in agreement with the policies and practices described in this Commitment of Privacy. For example, that information could be used with the object of determining its potential interest in receiving electronic mail or other communications on certain products or services.

 If it uses the service of publication of demand of use to create a Curriculum in order to include it in our data base of Curriculum of use plaintiffs, in that case it is offering personal data us that CognitiaJobs will use in agreement with the present Commitment. We suggest its Curriculum does not contain data regarding its (i) racial or ethnic origin, (II) political ideas, (III) philosophical or religious beliefs, (IV) affiliation to a union or political party, (v) physical or mental health, (VI) sexual life or (vii) the penal commission of crimes or procedures. If their Curriculum does not contain such data, you accept that we pruned to retain this information and to use it in agreement with the present Commitment.


The Curricula and personal data of the Users (Personal Data) will be object of treatment automated and incorporated to the corresponding automated files of personal character data for which CognitiaJobs will be titular and responsible (in future, the ‚ÄúData base‚Ä?). With this object, CognitiaJobs will provide to the Users the suitable technical resources so that, with previous character, they can accede to this warning on the Commitment of Privacy of Data or to any other excellent information and can give his consent in order that CognitiaJobs comes to the automated treatment of its Personal Data. Safe in the fields in which the opposite indicates itself, the answers to the questions on Personal Data are voluntary, without the lack of answer implies a decrease in the quality or amount of the corresponding services, unless another thing is indicated.

 Spreading in public areas of CognitiaJobs

 It remembers that if discloses anyone of its personal data in public areas of the Web site, as the data base of Curriculum with access in searches, that information can be examined and be used by others on which CognitiaJobs does not have control some. We are not responsible for the use by third people of information that you spread or make available of another form in public areas of CognitiaJobs.

 Use of its data by CognitiaJobs

 CognitiaJobs uses the data that collects in the Web site, or are personal, demographic, collective or technical, for the aims to administer and to manage its registry, to respond to any consultations that you do, to operate and to improve the Web site and to give to the products and services that CognitiaJobs offers to plaintiffs of use and companies.

 If you therefore have accepted it when registering themselves in the Web site or later, or if she is allowed by the applicable laws, we can use its information of contact to send electronic mail or other communications to him regarding updates in the Web site. In addition, at the time of the registry you have the option to choose the additional reception of communications, information and promotions, regarding subjects that can be of special interest for you. If it has given its consent or if it is allowed by the applicable laws, also we can use the potential information that we obtain to inform into other products or services to him available in the Web site or to put to us in contact with you with the purpose of to successfully obtain its present opinion on products and services or new products and services that him can be offered.

 In the Web site an area exists where you can put yourself in contact with CognitiaJobs and send his commentaries. CognitiaJobs will be able to use those commentaries (like a successful experience) for promotion aims or to put to us in contact with you in order to obtain additional data.

 Revelation of information to third parties

 Not we revealed to third parties his data personal, information personal and demographic combined or information on his use of Web site (like the areas that visits or the services to that it accedes), except in the following assumptions.


1. We can reveal that information to third parties if you give his consent. For example, if you cause that their Curriculum is accessible in searches, in that case that have access to our data base of Curriculum with access in searches (or to copies of the same) will be able to accede to that data base. At any time, you will be able to cause that their Curriculum is not object of access in searches.

 2. We can reveal that information to companies and physical people who we use to perform functions in our name. The duties carried out in our name include hosting in our data analysis, network servers, benefit of marketing attendance, processing of payments by credit card and benefit of services to clients. These companies and people will have access to their personal data in the measurement that is necessary to perform their functions, but will not be able to share that information with no third party or to use those data for no other object. We will retain the control of any shared information of this form and will be responsible for this information.

 3. We can reveal that information if outside legally required to do it, if outside asked for by an official organization or regulating authority or if we considered of good faith that action is necessary stops: (a) to fit to us to legal requirements or to fulfill a process legal; (b) to protect the rights or goods of CognitiaJobs or its tie societies; (c) to prevent a crime or to protect the national security, or (d) to protect the personal security of the users or the public.

 4. We can reveal and transmit that information to a third party that acquires the totality or a substantial part of the business of CognitiaJobs, independent of the fact that this acquisition is by fusion, consolidation or buys of the totality or a substantial part of its assets. In addition, in case CognitiaJobs is object of an insolvency procedure, involuntary volunteer or, CognitiaJobs or its liquidator one, administrator, inspector or administrative inspector will be able to sell, to grant license on the matter or to have otherwise that information in an operation approved by a court. You informed into the sale of the totality will be or a substantial part of our business to a third party by means of the electronic mail or through a published outstanding announcement in the site of CognitiaJobs.

 Other uses of information

 CognitiaJobs also will be able to share collective anonymous information on visitors to the Web site with its clients, partners and others third parts in order that they can be to the current of the classes of visitors of the site of CognitiaJobs and how those visitors use the site.

The personal Curricula and their data will be stored and process in computers located in the United States according to more down it is described. On the other hand, some of the companies or agencies of use that are interested in their Curriculum could be located in any country of the world. Those countries will be able not to have an equivalent legislation on protection of data that protects the use of its personal data. We will not send its personal data to companies of these countries unless you have indicated that she wishes that Privacy is acceded to its Curriculum by means of searches (: Public) By means of this indication, you give his express consent to that those data transfers are realized.


 To the being the Web site a page of professional promotion, we offer the option to him to place its Curriculum in our data base. There are two forms to do it:

 1. It can store its Curriculum in our data base but not allow to its access in searches by potential employers (Privacy: Prevailed). This means that you can use his Curriculum to ask for a use online, but the companies and agents of selection of personnel will not have access to the same through our basic product of data of Curriculum.

 2. If you allow to the access to his Curriculum in searches (Privacy: Public), who have access to our data base of Curriculum with access in searches (or to copies of the same) will have access to their Curriculum. You also can allow that their Curriculum is accessible in searches but Privacy will be able to retire its data of contact (: Semi Public). However, he will have to consider that, in this case, that if you had some particular specialization, still he could be possible that a company or an agency of selection of personnel even identifies to him without their data of contact are included. If to you you worry its possible identification to him, he will not have to include specific abilities or details by which he can be identified.

 We try to only limit the access our data base of Curricula available for consultation (or its copies) to companies that offer remunerated work, companies of selection of personnel, managers of hiring and professionals of human resources, as well as to organisms responsible for the fulfillment of the laws and the national security, but we cannot guarantee that other third parties do not have access to this data base. We are not responsible for the use that becomes of the Curricula by third parties that accede to them while they consult our data base with access in search. You can at any time retire his Curriculum of our data base with access in search. Nevertheless, the companies, agents of selection of personnel and who have paid to accede to that data base or to obtain a copy from, as well as that otherwise has access to the data base, can have kept a copy from their Curriculum in their own archives or data bases. We are not responsible for the retention, use or personal privacy of Curriculum or data in those circumstances.

 If it has facilitated details of a person who has given references him, it is responsibility hers to make sure that the person knows that you have sent his data and that person has given her consent in writing to this shipment.

 Use of Web beacons

¬†CognitiaJobs beacons can contain well-known electronic images like ‚ÄúWeb‚Ä? (some denominated times ‚Äúsingle-pixel gifs‚Ä?) that allows to tell the users us who have visited the site. The Web beacons is not used to accede to their identifiable information personal that it is stored in CognitiaJobs; they constitute a technique that we used to make statistics of collective form on the use of our Web site.

 The Web beacons gathers only a limited set of data, including a number of cookie, the hour and date from visit to a site and a description of the site in which beacon resides the Web.

 Since the Web beacons is like any other request of contents including in a page, you cannot deactivate them or reject them. Nevertheless, he can cause that they are not effective deactivating the cookies or changing the configuration of cookies in his navigator.

 Update or suppression of its data

 You can at any time review, correct, update or change to his personal data of the account of Registry or their Curriculum. Simply he accedes to his account of Registry, goes to his profile of the account or its Curriculum, reviews his data of the account or Curriculum and, he wishes if it, edítelos with the options that are facilitated. Also he will be able to suppress his Curriculum by means of this method.

 If at any time he wishes to suppress his information of personal data of the account of Registry, he póngase in contact with CognitiaJobs through Contactanos form to which it is possible to be acceded from the Link located in the margin right superior of all the pages available in the site.

 If he wishes to revoke his consent to our Commitment of Privacy, he póngase in contact with us through Contactanos form to which it is possible to be acceded from the Link located in the margin right superior of all the pages available in the site. Nevertheless, he considers that if it retires its consent, will not be able to use the corresponding services and will be suppressed its personal data of the account of registry of CognitiaJobs.

 If he chose to receive Newsletters, commercial electronic mails or other communications of CognitiaJobs or third parts when to register itself, but later he changes of opinion, will be able to annul to his option publishing his profile of account according to above described. Previously if he chose not to receive those communications, will be able later to annul to that option publishing his profile of account.

 As we think that to manage its professional promotion it is a process that lasts all the life, we conserved all the information that we successfully obtained envelope you in order that the repeated use of our services takes place of efficient form, practical and excellent until it changes or it retires its personal data according to above indicated previously. If you are a use plaintiff and has not acceded to the Web site during 9 months, automatically we cause that their Curriculum is not accessible in searches. By all means, it can at any time correct or update its profile and its Curriculum. In addition, it can suppress its Curriculum of the data base online of CognitiaJobs it wishes when it. If it does, we will retire all our copies of its Curriculum


 CognitiaJobs has implemented measured appropriate of technical and organizational character that is designed to guarantee the security of their personal information against accidental losses and the access, use, alteration or nonauthorized spreading. In particular, all the data of the account and the key of access are encriptados (that is to say, the servants of CognitiaJobs codify themselves between their computer and). In spite of these measures, Internet is an open system and we cannot guarantee that third parts nonauthorized will be able to break these measures or never to use their personal information for illegal aims.


 CognitiaJobs is not designed for smaller people of 18 years of age.

 Changes in the Commitment of Privacy

 You will be able to consult at any time our Commitment of Privacy, If at any time she has questions or doubts on the Commitment of Privacy of CognitiaJobs, does not doubt in contacting yourself through Contáctenos form to which it is possible to be acceded from the Link located in the margin right superior of all the pages available in the site.




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