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Their curriculum enters free.
It is recruited in line by hundreds of companies that visit the site and increases his possibilities labor.
With our customized system the companies contact directly of automatic way.


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CognitiaJobs is the vestibule of use for the pharmaceutical industry of CognitiaPharma.

The purpose of CognitiaJobs is to be a point of contact between pharmaceutical companies and people who look for new professional horizons in the pharmaceutical industry.

Cognitia Jobs offers facilities for the employers when finding the candidates who require by different criteria search and to the petitioners when putting at the disposal of the pharmaceutical laboratories their profiles. All this is developed of automatic form and without cost for the employers and the petitioners.

For but information or llámenos to telephone +57 (1) 2158197 contáctese directly by mail with

CognitiaPharma ( is the unit of learning for the pharmaceutical industry of Limited Cognitia, ( company technology developer and contents for learning in line.

Limited Cognitia was founded on 2001, has worked with companies like BP Exploration, ECOPETROL, ETB, Orbitel, Agriculturist of Insurances and Companies You publish of MedellĂ­n.


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