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doctor-commercial visitador for Boyaca
Date of publication [12-May-2010] (YOU GO: 44)
Medical and commercial Visitador for Boyaca, been in Duitama. age preferably 24 to 28 years., with experience in medical visit or sales.  Excellent presentation and verbal fluidity

Name of the vacancy doctor-commercial visitador for Boyaca
Details of the supply
Name of the Company as it is required that it appears in the supply The enrolled members can solely see this field.
Type of contract indefinite
Date of beginning immediate
Wage $ 1.300.000
Telephone of contact The enrolled members can solely see this field.
Electronic mail The enrolled members can solely see this field.
Location Duitama
Date shipment limit 19-May-2010
Location Duitama
Type of hiring Complete time
Classification Representative of Sales


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